Training & Coaching

The club is fortunate to have a number of qualified coaches that are always available to support our athletes with training queries.

Our coaches are:

Megan Gibbons (Hurdles/Sprints/Combined Events)

Joan Merrilees  (Jumps/Sprints/Combined Events)

Raylene Bates (Throws/Combined Events)

As a club we are conscious that athletes need to develop their skills in conjunction with their optimal biological age – that is the individual’s stage of development in relation to physical maturity. This may differ between athletes and is a combination of physical, emotional, psychological and social development. Development is fostered by the provision of playful, fun and supportive environment where children experience success, develop skills and learn positive attitudes towards sport and recreation.

Through the club, coaches and parents are encouraged to take a long term view of children’s participation.  The development of skills and positive attitudes in children is more important than winning every week. Multiple sports experiences are important and basic technical models should be established and an age appropriate training schedule should be in place. Early specialisation should be avoided even with identified athletes as this will lead to athlete burnout or drop out. Our coaches are able to identify the athlete’s needs and deliver a programme suitable to these needs. 

If you would like to talk to one of our coaches please talk to us either at the clubroom or email us at and we will have the coach make contact with you.