Children's Section

InterClub Competition

All local clubs compete on Saturday mornings from 9 - 12 (warm up 8.45) at the Caledonian Grounds this is open to all registered athletes.  A booklet is available from Otago Children’s Athletics please ask at Taieri club rooms. Or check out Otago Children’s Athletics website.

This competition is run by volunteers – i.e. parents of children currently involved in the sport or parents whose children have now grown away from the sport but who still want to be involved. To enable children to continue competing in this sport we need to encourage all parents of children participating in this competition from the Taieri club to help in running this event.


Club Responsibilities:

 Each club in Otago is assigned an event to run for the season.  The event is decided at the AGM.  Generally speaking clubs are happy to retain the event that they have had in the past. Taieri runs Long Jump at present and has done so for a number of years.

Taieri Club Officials: Two people required to take responsibility for overall running of event. They will need to ensure they have a roster set up for the season and that everyone knows what they are doing whilst at the event.

Team Captain: This person should remain in the stand and be responsible for keeping the Taieri athletes/parents informed of any information pertinent to the meet or upcoming meetings. They will ensure all athletes are registered for Saturday morning competition.  Along with parents they will ensure the athletes have on the correct uniform and age patches etc. This person should attend any calls for club managers/delegates by the meet manager. This person will need to organise athletes into age group relay teams and also make sure athletes are doing the correct number of events in any special competitions etc.

Long Jump Event Requirements: Taieri is required to run both pits on a Saturday morning - this entails the following:

Be at grounds by 8.30am at the latest to set up pits. 

Remove covers. Get out all equipment required for running event (shovel, 2 Rakes, broom, Desk and Chair, Metre boards, Measuring Equipment such as Lasers and Baking Tray and/or Tape measures and prods, Clip boards and pens.) per pit.
Dig over and Rake Pits.
Get Event sheets from lower control room.

People required to run event per pit – at the bare minimum you can run one pit with 4 people but should have up to 6 on a normal Saturday morning.

When we are required to run the second pit we should be providing as many people as possible for this but as Taieri is a relatively small club we do not always have the numbers to do this. A call for help from some of the other smaller out of town clubs can be put out by the meet manager at our request.  One person at Long Jump should be responsible for the event and to liaise with the meeting manager and other officials as required.