Senior Athletics

InterClub Competition

All local clubs compete on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 3.30 at the Caledonian Grounds. This is open to all registered athletes - for more information please email

Please read all information below........     


Weekly field event duty – helpers to follow the directions of the Chief Official. All athletes are expected to help when it is Taieri’s turn.

Shot Put - Leith                                
Discus - Caversham
Javelin - Caversham /Taieri  
Hammer - Taieri
Track/Hurdles - Leith                                
Long/Triple Jump - Ariki   
High Jump/Pole Vault - Hill City

Duties for Duty Clubs:

Put up recorders and long jump tent.  Take out the lap counter, bell, table & chairs
Attend to the hurdles and steeplechase jumps during the course of the meeting e.g. putting hurdles & steeplechase jumps onto the track and removing after event.
After the meeting has finished take down recorders tent & long jump tent.  Put the lap counter, bell, table & chairs back into the equipment room.
Move judges stand and equipment trolley into fenced off area
During the meeting each club is responsible for an event.  When the event has finished return the equipment from this event to the equipment shed door.
During the meeting transfer the block trolley from one event to the next event.

Open to all athletes at secondary school and upwards who are registered with the club for that year as under existing club rules.  In addition all competitors are required to compete in any three club meetings during the season to be eligible for award points.  If athletes have a genuine reason for being late or having to leave early – e.g. work commitments, then athletes are to write to the committee on week or more in advance asking permission to compete in either an earlier or later round.

Age Dates:
In any season an athlete must be under the age specified on 31st December in that year of competition to be eligible to compete in that grade.  

Senior Men & Women - Aged 20 -34 on 31st Dec
Men & Women Under 20 – Under the age of 20 on 31st Dec
Men & Women Under 18 – Under the age of 18 on 31st Dec
Men & Women Under 15 – Under the age of 15 on 31t Dec
Masters Woman start age 35
Masters Men start age 35
Masters change age group on birthday

Blue & Gold are the official club uniform and must be worn for all the club championships events.